Endocrine influences on insect societies


Hamilton AR, Shpigler HY, Bloch G, Wheeler D, Robinson GE. Endocrine influences on insect societies. In: Hormones, Brain and Behavior. Vol. 2. 3rd ed. Oxford: Academic Press ; 2017. pp. 421-451.



Chapter Outline

30.1 Introduction

30.2 Overview of Division of Labor in Insect Societies

                30.2.1 Division of Labor for Reproduction

                30.2.2 Division of Labor among Workers

                30.2.3 Primitive and Advanced Eusociality

30.3 Insect Hormones That Influence Division of Labor

30.4 Endocrine Signaling in Reproductive Division of Labor

                30.4.1 JH and Reproductive Division of Labor

                30.4.2 Ecdysone and Reproductive Division of Labor

                30.4.3 Nutrition and Metabolic Factors Influencing Reproductive Division of Labor

                30.4.4 Biogenic Amines and Reproductive Division of Labor

30.5 Endocrine Influences on Division of Labor Among Workers: Behavioral Maturation

                30.5.1 Juvenile Hormone and Behavioral Maturation

                30.5.2 Ecdysone and Behavioral Maturation

                30.5.3 Nutrition and Metabolic Factors Influencing Behavioral Maturation

                30.5.4 Biogenic Amines and Behavioral Maturation

30.6 Endocrine Influences on Division of Labor Among Workers: Morphologically Distinct Castes

                30.6.1 Juvenile Hormone and Worker Caste Differentiation  

30.7 The Transcriptomic Architecture Linking Endocrine Signaling and Behavioral State

30.8 Evolutionary Perspectives

                30.8.1 Endocrine-Related Signatures of Selection

                30.8.2 Speculation on the Evolution of Division of Labor: A Neuroendocrine Perspective

                30.8.3 Level One: Incipient Societies and Endocrine-Mediated Social Inhibition among Adults

                30.8.4 Level Two: Pre-Adult Endocrine-Mediated Social Inhibition

30.8.5 Level Three: Pre-Adult, Endocrine-Mediated Social Inhibition Enhanced by Disruptive


                30.8.6 Level Four: Division of Labor among Adult Workers and its Regulation by Endocrine-

Mediated Social Inhibition

30.8.7 Level Five: Division of Labor among Morphologically Distinct Adult Workers and Its

Regulation by Pre-Adult, Endocrine-Mediated Social Inhibition

30.8.8 Concluding Remarks


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