Oliver Siehler

Oliver Siehler

Ph.D. Student
Oliver Siehler

Bachelor of Science: Biology, 2012 - Free University of Berlin, Germany.

Master of Science: Biology, 2014 – Free University of Berlin, Germany. 

Thesis: “The role of Octopamine and Tyramine on the Glucosemetabolism of the honey bee Apis mellifera.”

Research Interests:

Social Synchronization of circadian rhythms:

What signals mediating social synchronization within a honey bee colony.


The neuronal clock network:

What brain parts are involved in social synchronization and do different brain sections exist for photic and social entrainment?

 Circadian control on peripheral tissues:

What are the metabolomics, hormones and biogenic amines that are under circadian control and are there differences between the different labour casts?

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