Hanna Cholé

Dr. Hanna Cholé

Postdoctoral Fellow

Current Research:


The aim of my study is to understand how the social environment regulates the larval development of bumblebees, and to determine the molecular and endocrine related processes, to better understand the social regulation of caste and body size determination.


Post-doc 2018-current:

Social regulation of caste and size determination in Bumblebees. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior.

PhD 2014-2018:

Social learning in honeybees. University Paris XI, Evolution Genome Behavior Ecology (EGCE).

Master 2d year 2013-2014:

Neuroscience Behavior Cognition, University Toulouse III, France

Master 1st year 2012-2013:

Animal & Human Behavior, University Rennes 1, France

Bachelor 2009-2012:

Biology-Ecology, University Perpignan, France


Contact Information

Berman 113